Thursday, June 3, 2010

the night we hear another thrilling story

mereka yang tanpa suara sedang menjerit! adakah kita mendengarnya?

I am suffocating

In the midst air

I am inhaling deep

Until my heart feel the scent of ache

To looking their cruelty & brutality

Over the forbidden blood before us

I feel the urge

To have us standing very very tall and bold

Confronting the evidence

That we could have won!

It's a war from the very beginning

On account of no ways to the ending

It's an assassination

Oh no! way toooooo generous to say 'an'

It's a chain, a never ending chain

Of brains' battles

Their loneliness without us

Is a pain that gives them strength

We should be relentless of running

Let the heart rate keep increasing

Then we wouldn't be crying

Before our eyes 'the powers' are betraying

On account of ummah, Islam is calling

Ring! Ring!

Listen to what the God is saying!

*p/s: are we still sleeping? Sleep is for weak!!

some of us are screaming,

but none of us are moving

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