Saturday, November 1, 2014

Exit 39 (We Stopped The Time)

"Do you know how impatient I am every time you are nearest?
To embrace my body with your warm hugs,
to gently cuddle you with my arms.
Do you know how bad this urge feelings to touch and be touched
and have you by my side in the mornings and nights,
to run these fingers all over you,
to feel your breathe under my skin.
I know the tense too, lingering on you.
But every passing minute seemed to compound our lust,
and every passing minute seemed to mould our feelings the finest art."

Thursday, September 18, 2014

Exit 38 ( Chill. Say, "Arrrrrrrrrhlaaafyaaaa")

I want to be your best-est friend.
I want you to be my best-est friend.
Because best friends don't judge.
Best friends forget the past and accept present.
Best friends never tell every secret,
they just knew.
Best friends hit each other,
and hurt each other but never bleed one another.

Sunday, August 3, 2014

Exit 37 (Loud and Louder: Lovers Extreme Noise At The Car Park)

We are soundless, almost inaudible.
But when we love each other,
It's undisputedly infinity, loud, and clear.

Monday, June 16, 2014

Exit 36 ( You and Me, We Symmetrically Reflecting )

What have you done?!
What have ya?!

I guess..

You've put me,
.. in the most special organ in your body.
Which is the......heart.

You've carved my name,
and tattooed, clearly.

You've called me,
by the most flattering words I've ever heard.

You've been ruining,
all my 'secrets' towards you.

You've been linking,
all our pieces all these years!

What have you done?!!
That now, I've become You-addict.
and you've become Me-addict.