Saturday, December 31, 2011

the 89th page (where have you prayed?)

Today, I want you remember some lines to a song I sing.
I Love You,
For we are the slaves of Allah.

*p/s: for a better quality, watch in You Tube :)

May Allah bless *

the 88th page (Happy 2012 ?)

hold my hand

Dan bahawa sesungguhnya, Dia lah yang menyebabkan tertawa (bergembira),
dan menyebabkan menangis (berdukacita);

Dan bahawa sesungguhnya, Dia lah yang mematikan dan menghidupkan;

Dan bahawa sesungguhnya, Dia lah yang menciptakan pasangan - lelaki dan perempuan,

Dari (setitis) air mani ketika dipancarkan (ke dalam rahim);

Dan bahawa sesungguhnya, Dia lah yang tetap menghidupkan semula (makhluk-makhluk yang mati);

Dan bahawa sesungguhnya, Dia lah yang memberikan (sesiapa yang dikehendakiNya) apa yang diperlukannya dan memberikannya tambahan yang boleh disimpan; 

An-Najm 53: 43-48

Maka hendaklah kamu sujud kepada Allah ,
dan beribadatlah kamu kepadaNya (dengan sepenuh-penuh tauhid)

53 : 62

Wednesday, December 28, 2011

the 87th page

something is, glowing in the darkness.

I wonder
one day I'll be going
almost dying,
which memory
will I bring
will be vividly remembered
on a deathbed.
I wonder
I ever have one.

Saturday, December 24, 2011

the 86th page

it's not an empty side. No.

And if you're alone, I hope you know that I'm alone too.
So I believe we will be friends.



You are beautiful and loved by the universe that made you,
with every atom and star moving in perfect alignment to make you,


Tuesday, December 20, 2011

the 85th page

...because there's always spaces, for two.

I'd always wanted to ask, "Are you okay......?"

and I'd want you to answer,

"... I'm not."

Saturday, December 17, 2011

the 84th page

life expected me to live.
i expected that life will leave me.
yesterday life chose me.

but who does not choose me
and what does not choose me
and when does not choose me
and where does not choose me
and & how does not choose me

either ;

who am i suppose to choose then?
what am i suppose to choose then?
when am i suppose to choose then?
where am i suppose to choose then?
& how am i suppose to choose then?

....then i decided to choose,  " Why? "

maybe because......


Friday, December 16, 2011

Friday, December 9, 2011

the 82nd page

It's just, one needs to be readjusted, sometimes.

I miss the vibrations.
I miss the sounds.
I miss the songs.
I miss the beats.
I miss the thumps.
I miss the electrocuted.
I miss the's look.
I miss the's ways.
I miss the fights.
I miss the's teeth.
I miss the rays.
I miss the hots.
I miss the's ghost.
I miss the best dreams.
I miss the's smiling.
I miss the's lie.
I miss the's laughing.
I miss the's stare.
I miss the's walk.
I miss the's talk.
I miss the's cry.
I miss the's hunch.
I miss the's promises.
I miss the's slouch.
I miss the's height.
I miss the want.
I miss the need.
I miss the helps.
I miss the years.
I miss the's imperfections.
I miss the's perfections.
I miss the time stopping.
I miss you.
I miss me.

I miss the miss.

I miss the, the.

Friday, December 2, 2011

the 81st page

Kau juga banyak silap. Tak perlu berdegar, Lebihkan mendengar!

Jangan cerita tentang halal haram
Jangan bicara dosa pahala
Jangan lagak kau bagai tahu segala-galanya
Jika kau masih tidak meninggalkan dosa-dosa
Jika masih belum kau kumpul cukup-cukup pahala.